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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Fondant" Cookies...and Baseball...

Okay, so one of the classes that I have recently taken was a Wilton Cookie Class. In this class they showed us how to make Christmas cookies with 'fondant'. You know, fondant is the thin sugar layer that you roll out and it looks so smooth over a wrinkles, no lines, looks so perfect! It was a fun class and we added cookie sticks so we could put them together in a bouquet. Since this was a trial run, I didn't make the cookie bouquet. However, I am making some of these cookies for Christmas gifts and will put the bouquet arrangements together then for each family. The Wilton sugar cookie recipe is quite delicious too!

Here is a picture of the cookies that I made (the one of the left is not finished, but those colors are pieces of fondant that I was playing with):
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Tomorrow, I'll share the fondant cake that I made.

Also, I wanted to share one picture from my son's baseball tournment this past weekend. This photo was Austin on first base and the other team was trying to pick him get him out. Here he is sliding back to first base and NO that girl didn't tag him out. They tried to pick him off a few times and he was safe every time. He wouldn't have liked it if a girl got him out...there are very few girls that play competitive baseball, especially in the 14U age bracket..yay for girls!
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Thanks for looking!

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Paula said...

Yami-yami!!! Beautiful cookies!
Thank you for your comment. I will try to translate my blog in to English. You have a beautiful blog.:)