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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do YOU have too much ribbon?

Ha!...okay, I don't think any of us can EVER have too much ribbon, right?!

(Sorry, but ever since the holidays, I have been in and out and busy with life and I have only been posting sporadically...but that does not mean that I haven't been creating! I have done challenges , I have participated in VSN on SCS and attended classes, and have been exploring and browsing everywhere!  Oh and I'm also 'reorganizing' my craft room...yikes lots of work!)

Anyway, back to my original topic...RIBBON!  LOVE it!

Well over on Simply Scrapping Crafts, 'Ribbon Storage' is the topic in the Scrapy Spaces Group!  If you want to check it out, click on the name I mentioned and it'll take you right on over there.

And if you want to see some spectacular ribbon and join a Ribbon Club...YES, there is a monthly ribbon club at Really Reasonable Ribbon...yikes, LOVE it!  If you want to check out the ribbon club, click on the name I mentioned and it'll take you right on over there too!

So here are some pic's of  how I store 'some' of my ribbon selection and some close-ups.
On this picture I wanted to show how some of the ribbon hangs off the side and is in jars
(I didn't show the full cabinet 'cause I'm still re-organizing it, but the stamp sets on the bottom are actually sitting on a cd rack):
This pic below, shows a close up of one of the ribbon rings that is hanging off the side in the pic above (can you tell that I love baseball?).  I have three ribbon rings: one for patterned ribbon, one for special occasion ribbon (words, images), and one for the plain ribbon that are not on spools).  It is so easy for me to visually see what I have and/or just pick the ring up and look through the ribbon:
The pic below is of the scraps of ribbon that I know...the scraps that you just can't throw away...what? would anyone toss out ribbon scraps?
There was a project at the Really Reasonable Ribbon blog where one of the DT used her ribbon scraps...
note to self: find that post!
This pic below is what I call my specialty ribbon: twill, ruffles, lace...all this frilly stuff is easy to manage and doesn't keep the 'curl' when unwinding it from the spools:
Here are the Ribbon Ring Tags that I had gotten from one of my LSS's: Scrap Happy Sisters...a long time ago, and I have always used them to hang ribbon that is not an entire spool.  They come in large and standard sizes and makes it easy to hang on rings...I LOVE this system, but I warn you they are not cheap...I am so glad that I still have plenty of them considering that I purchased them at least a couple of years ago!
So....I do have some other SU Grosgrain ribbon in another container, cause the spools don't fit in my shelf (too tall); and I do have twine in another container, AND this does not include my ribbon for presents/packages (which is in my closet and I need to go through it to 'purge' some stuff). 

So, like I said...can we ever have too much ribbon? 
I can't be the only one, right?

Again, if you want to check out the ribbon storage ideas at
go give them a visit.

And, if you want to join a fun monthly ribbon club at
Really Reasonable Ribbon
go give them a visit!

And...if you have any great suggestions for ribbon storage, let me know also...I would love to come visit your blog!
Thanks for coming by and have a FABULOUS Saturday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

{ippity} Monday!

What a great New Year so far!

Did you know that {ippity} has a new challenge outline this year? 
Get this...
Week 1 is a 'sketch',
Week 2 is a 'color combo',
Week 3 is an 'inspiration photo' and
Week 4 is a 'final twist'...
so if you are up for a challenge times've got to join us!

Here's a quick card for the sketch challenge,
which I used the Moon Beam & Heart Strings stamp set:
Here's the challenge:
Join us by visiting the challenge posted on SCS HERE!
Don't forget to visit the {ippity} Design Team and all the particpants today...
click HERE for the blog list!
Thank you so much for visiting today!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year and New Studio 313 Challenge!

Can you believe it...we are in January of 2011! 
I took some time off at the beginning of the new year and am back to dive into my paper crafts!
This post was scheduled for January 1st, but somehow didn't...oops!

Let's start off the New Year with a new challenge from Studio 313...
SHC5 'Charmed I'm Sure'
(to use a charm).
The prize is $25 worth of Studio 313 digital images...
go take a look at the Studio 313 Hotspot and join us!
And yes, after taking some time off from last summer,
Shawne is back in business and has some fabulous new images at her new home at:
(click on the name and it will take you to all of  Studio 313's images) 

I created this card using 'Molly'...I think she needed to celebrate (my celebrate charm) the new year too! 
You can't tell by the picture much, but she is glittery from my Spica Markers:
From Studio 313

Many of Shawne's creations come blank AND pre-colored...the ease of putting together a card simply by printing out all the elements and poof, you've got a new creation!
Or, you can still print out the non-colored images and color with your own color scheme to match any occasion!

Thanks for dropping by!
Have a fabulous day and don't forget to join in on the challenge at the