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Monday, October 5, 2009

What is the "Melting Pot", you ask?

No, I'm not talking about the restaurant with all those fantastic items to dip in various sauces...yum! I'm talking about a "Melting Pot Magic" class that I took at one of my LSS "Madscrappers" on Saturday, World Card Making Day. Then, I took the "Melting Pot Magic Advanced" class right after! Even though these were not cards that we made, everything I did make can be used as elements on a card or page or...

I had never even tried the Melting Pot before this class and oooh, I LUV it! There are so many endless possibilities with UTEE (in many amazing colors) and this Melting Pot. We used Melt Art™ To Dye For™ colors We learned to use molds, red rubber stamps, how to do faux soldering, create jewelry, use chipboard, create paper beads and on and on and on.
This first photo (from left to right) is pouring clear UTEE over these images:
a) cut out round cardstock image(haunted house/moon/tree) and placed in a round silicone baking cup, then poured UTEE over it;b) placing a diamond cookie cutter on cardstock image (spiders), then poured UTEE over it;c) placing a square cardstock image (witch on a broom), placing it in square silver case, then pouring UTEE over it.The UTEE dries sooo quickly that your piece is done in no time and you can just pop out your project out of the molds:
From Miscellaneous Items

This next photo show the paper/UTEE beads and the center image is faux soldering (I need LOTS of practice on this one)...ha! I also made this silver square necklace stamped with the Unity Flowers from Neverland stamp:

From Miscellaneous Items

I poured the hot UTEE (with color) into a necklace square and then used my 'red rubber' Unity stamp to make the impression and highlighted it with a little Pearl X:

From Miscellaneous Items

This last photo...
a) I tried to make little round pearls in this UTEE colored in pinks...this bigger pearl is what happens when you can't get the UTEE to stay 'round' and I kept dipping this back into the hot UTEE and it eventually grew bigger than the one that I only dipped once..heehee!;b) This second necklace is experimenting with various colors and letting it melt into the UTEE without mixing it;c) This flower is actually chipboard dipped in hot UTEE, and it's pretty tricky to get it coated just right without 'falling' back into the hot UTEE:
From Miscellaneous Items

If someone actually read this entire post, 'THANK YOU' for letting me show what I was really a fun time playing with this stuff! Now...should I purchase the tools to continue with this...hmmm...not sure yet!

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Lindsay Spencer said...

Very cool!! Thanks for sharing. I've never even seen the melting pot before. I must be so behind!