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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What, Starbucks called me???

Okay, I just have to share...My friend Tammy and I went to the Women's Expo this past in Phoenix. It wasn't the best show that they've had 'cause a lot of vendors weren't there this year (like the food vendors!) Heck, how are you supposed to go through a Women's Expo without sampling different snacks and food in the aisles, geez???
BUT, my favorite all time coffee place was there...yup, we found the Starbuck's booth and they had samples of their new VIA instant coffee...yum.
Well...on Monday morning I realized I had a message on my cell phone...oooh, I thought maybe it was a job offer. Heck no, it wasn't a job offer, BUT it was waaaay better... Guess what? Did you guess yet? I WON the Starbuck's gift basket that they were raffling! Woohoo, oh yea, I won, I won! insert jumping up and down with excitement here!
I just picked up this basket today! I know that many of you gals loooove Starbuck's and I'd invite you over for some coffee and cookies, but since you all live far, far away, I will share a photo of my basket...all pretty tied with a bow:
From Misc Pic's

The contents contains:
From Misc Pic's

The contents: Starbuck Mind Matters Book (of games); 12-pack VIA Colombia instant coffee; 12-pack VIA Urban Roast instant coffee; 1 lb of Pikes Place Roast Coffee beans; a pretty white Starbucks Leaf Mug; Venti size Starbucks Coffee Cup (green lid); a Starbucks Solo Coffee Press (silver); 1 bottle Starbucks Vanilla Syrup; 1 container Starbucks Fruit & Nut Medley; Elegant&English Honey & Almond Biscuits; Miller's Stones Wheaty & Crumbly Sweet Biscuits; and Baci Di Saronmo Italian Biscuits!
Thanks for sharing in my excitement!

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Linda said...

Hello jen glad you found starbuck Lol have great weekend....