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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Recognition to bring a Smile~

Sometimes we all need a little pick me up.  It's always fun to know that someone in 'blog land' likes what they see on your blog, isn't it?

Well my blog friend Catherine at PaperAddict Catherine, gave me this nice award for a blog that inspires and makes her smile.   THANK YOU so much Catherine, you made my day!

This phrase translates to "This blog's a charm!" and I appreciate her sending this to me.  It's especially cute with little 'Tink' sitting there!

There are so many blogs that inspire me and make me smile, and if I listed all of them, this post would never end.  So I've picked only a few to share this with, and give them the opportunity to recognize a few friends too (and you've got to visit them...inspiring):

Stephanie Zito at Stephanie's Creations
Monica at Gardner's Basket
Lynn at Millers-Ink
Emily at Emmie-lou Who...
Rona at A Little Inspiration from Rona

Enjoy! and hope it gives you a smile today!


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Hooooray for your blog award:) And what a great set up of other blogs;) LOVE visiting your site:)

lynn said...

congrats on your award, jen! you are so positive, and talented-you totally deserve it! and thank you so much for making my day:)

Stephanie Zito said...

Awww, thanks so much Jen!!! BIG {HUGS}!!!You are such a sweetie! Thanks for making my day!!!
You're the best!

Rona said...

That is soooooo sweet Jen!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!! What a fun award for you too!

Gardner's Basket said...

Thank you so very much Jen! You certainly do know how to make me smile! You made my day.

Congratulations on Katherine's choosing you.
Off, to make others smile!