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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally mailed in my "Broman" Gift and... {ippity} coming soon!

Ack! I think the stress is finally over! I wanted to get my Broman challenge completed this weekend, but you all know what happens when you are picking up and dropping off the kids and running errands! Yea, and I only have one 13 year old son, but his friends are also my sons, ya KWIM?!

I finally got my "gift" to my boyfriend Broman in the mail today! No, he's not really my boyfriend, but Unity asked us to make sure the package clearly stated it was sent "to my boyfriend Broman"! The challenge was to send an "altered" gift, so I hope my package gets there okay. I will show my gift after Broman receives it, so I won't ruin the surprise...geez, I hope he likes it?! Heck, there's big winnings at stake...I have no idea what the other gals are sending in, but if you know the Unity addicts...there are going to be some terrifically awesome gifts! We'll have to see if mine lives up to there's, so now it's waiting time, waiting, waiting...till the November 19th announcement (insert finger nail biting here)!

The big news...drum roll...woohoo, yay, YES, I have joined the {ippity} chicks to represent that exciting new, fun and fresh line of stamps! Woohoo, yay, I can hardly wait for my inventory to get here. If you are interested in purchasing these stamps from me, I will have a new post/blog area shortly, so keep on the lookout, okay?! And, as an added bonus...if you are in close proximity to Phoenix, Arizona, I'd be glad to drop by with the new goodies so you can see what fantastic quality these stamps are. Deeply etched rich red rubber...WHO DOES THAT? Well, Unity and {ippity} by Unity, of course!

Till next time, have an {ippity} kind of day!

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