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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My final Wilton Course 3 Cake!

My final cake class was completed last Monday night. This class was a lot of tedious work with fondant and creating the Wilton roses, learning new flower techniques and tiered cakes...great class!

Truth be told, with all the baking for the holidays, baking cakes for my 4 week class, and baking a spice cake for my son's birthday last Sunday, I now need a break from baking (and all the sugar)!

Here's a photo of my tiered fondant cake that I had to make for class:
From Blogger Pictures
And here's a close-up of some of my fondant roses:
From Blogger Pictures
Thanks for being sweet and stopping by!


Katy said...

Wow, Jen! That's amazing. Those roses are absolutely gorgeous!!

Now it's time to eat something a little salty! :)

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Oh my heck, Jen! That's fondantastic! Love those roses!

FibreJunky said...

Nice job on those roses! I know a lot of people think fondant work is tedious, but I enjoy it. It's just the kind of fiddly thing I like to do. But I'm weird that way.

lynn said...

wow, i came to see your ippity card (which is wonderful!), but saw this and its amazing, just beautiful!