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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My new Journal: Metal Embossing and Book Binding all by own hands!

Oh my gosh, I joined this class at one of my LSS's on Friday and it was fabulous! I've never created my own book binding and loved how we created the metal embossed front and back covers...take a look...

The front cover was created by hand embossing on copper from a stamp image (took some time to do), and then I dipped it a few times in Liver of Sulphur chemicals (stinky stuff) to get this old distressed finish on copper. The belly band holds the book closed and has my initial:
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The book binding-spine was created by stitching waxed linen thead through the signatures (parchment paper sheets folded and placed inside decorative signature wraps) and then applying ribbon through the waxed threads to the hold the pages in place:
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The back cover was created by stencil embossing on copper and then torching it (yes, I was playing with fire!)! The torching on copper gives such awesome colors effects, but you have to watch that you don't torch too much, or you can make a hole through your copper:
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Hope you like this...I sure loved this class, and am going to make more creations from these techniques!


Morissa Sweeney (SCS - stampinsweeney) said...

This is so awesome, Jen! I am inspired! BTW, thanks for checking out my recipe. You can make it with chicken or artichoke hearts instead of mushrooms. I have some family who are not a fan of them either. ;)

Gwen said...

Wow, Jen, this is amazing! Looks like a super fun project and a result that is stunning!

KAT said...

This is really something! I did some hand binding in a class with Tim Holtz and we used small 6x6 stretch canvases as our cover. this metal class looks like it was fabulous! TFS!

Nic said...

That metal cover looks amazing. I did some dry embossing with my sister once (wasn't much good at it) and all I got was a bizarre looking shape and a very sore hand. After that, I left the crafty stuff to her. I do like to look though. :)

I would like to be good at bookbinding though. I know you can use thermal binding machine and things like that but that usually looks like a repair job on a paperback or a formal finish on a presentation. I'd love to make plain books look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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