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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Artful Curio and Tim Holtz

A few week's ago, I went to one of my favorite LSS's the Frenzy Stamper blog and noticed that they posted a Tim Holtz class, but it had sold out immediately!  So on Debbie's blog post (the owner of Frenzy Stamper), I told her how exciting to have that class there, and I was sorry that I missed it.  Well guess what?  A few days later she emailed me...yea, Debbie emailed me from my post on her blog, and said that Tim was adding a second class on Sunday...and her store is not even open on Sunday's!  (Isn't this like the best customer service ever?!!!)  So, I jumped at the chance and called her immediately, and guess what...yay, I was in!

So this past Sunday was the day for Tim's class...MY first one ever with Tim!  And boy, was it fun!!!  He really is a sweet guy and the way he teaches is so fun and not intimidating at all!  He brought all kinds of trinkets and goodies, oh my, it was breathtaking!!!  Look at Tim's post here and just imagine having all these goodies at your fingertips!  BTW, I am in the 5th photo...on the left side in the Tim Holtz apron that I received when I ordered my signed copy of his Compendium of Curiosities book...heehee.
From Miscellaneous Items
Okay, so here is my artful curio that I made.  We sorta decoupaged the entire curio with vintage journal papers, Tim's paper line, dictionary paper, HIS NEW TAPES, and all kinds of goodies that he brought for us.  We inked, we spritzed, we sprayed, we sanded, we distressed, we glued, we used his hardware pieces, we did everything! 
The outside with all the hardware:
From Miscellaneous Items
The items inside my curio are not random...the numbers and items have some kind of meaning from my son to my parents and family. It was SO fun to do whatever we wanted to our curio!

From Miscellaneous Items
Thanks so much for such an awesome class Tim, and Debbie, thanks so much for such a FABulous party place and having such an awesome store with LOTS of goodies...SPECTACULAR!


~amy~ said...

WOW...Jen, magnificent!!!!

Jenny said...

Awesome!! you lucky girl!! :) :) :) i wanna do one of his classes ... i hope someday he comes around close to my town. :) :) love your curio, its awesome!!! thanks for the sweet comment you left... i appreciate it!! big hugs!! :) :) :)

StampinCathy said...

You are so lucky to be able to take one of Tim's classes. Your curio is just amazing and just love everything about it. Great pic of you and Tim too.

Banu said...

Jen, That is so neat. WOW. I saw him at a demo this past week in the Great American Scrapbook convention, but sadly we did not get any chance to take any photo with him :(

I loved the curio. It is just ab fab.

lynn said...

your curio is just wonderful, jen! glad you had a great time!

Julie Ranae said...

Since you are a huge Tim fan, you probably like Wendy Vecchi as well...stop by Julie's Open Window and check out the interview session I did with her!

jo said...

WOW! You met THE Tim Holtz! So jealous! I want him to be my BFF! *lol* Wonderful project, girlie! :)

Monika Reeck said...

Your work is adorable...woow..and I am so jealous like Jo said...I wish he come to europe or Germany and I will be the first one who buy the ticket to go to his seminar :) LOL